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  • Simple Soul Complementary Therapies for People! If you’re ready to start your own healing journey and return to the real you please visit
  • For amazing guidance, support and tuition on how to become a qualified Animal Communicator with renowned experts James French and Shelley Slingo:
  • For advice and guidance on how to connect more deeply with your animals with James French and Shelley Slingo:
  • Mahalo nui loa to my Reiki Master Shalandra Abbey for her encouragement, friendship and unwavering guidance. I thoroughly recommend her book “Living a Life of Reiki” and website:
  • For more information about Sound Therapy and to learn how to become a Tuning Fork Therapist, visit: Suara Sound Acadamy
  • Please help me to support this wonderful charity which provides assistance dogs for disabled people. Click on the link to see how these incredible dogs change peoples lives: