About me



I worked in the Social Care field for 15 years, however I’ve always loved animals and have felt connected to them from an early age. My journey with Animal Communication started initially as a strong desire to work in a field helping and healing animals. Reiki then came into my life and completely changed everything! In addition to the initial deep healing and re-balancing that Reiki provided; it has led me to incredible opportunities, amazing people and unexpected resources and everything has literally snowballed from there! I am passionate about sharing the wonderful energies of Reiki and Sound Therapy with both animals and humans, to help promote balance and healing on every level.

Animals have always given me a sense of truth and they continue to show me the meaning of unconditional love. It is a beautiful, rewarding experience to be able to help release their anxieties and frustrations. In doing so, they are supported to enjoy their present moment in a peaceful and balanced manner and to connect more deeply with their owners. It is a true privilege to work in this field and I look forward to helping whatever situation needs addressing.

Most people laugh at the fact I was actually named after a dog! Sally-Anne the 1st was a gentle, black labrador who miraculously survived a devastating house fire. She passed away just two days before I was born and I am very honoured to have inherited her name!


  • I am a qualified Animal Communication Practitioner. To gain this qualification I attended intensive training (facilitated by two wonderful teachers: James French and Shelley Slingo – see links page for details) and completed 10 case studies. I was required to achieve 90% accuracy to pass 4 Professional Assessments and I passed with a 95% average. My examiners were all experts in their field and consisted of a Veterinary Surgeon, a Professional Animal Behaviourist, an Animal Welfare Officer and a Professional Animal Trainer.
  • I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner and hold certificates in First and Second Degree Reiki. I am also currently pursuing my Reiki Mastership.
  • I am a qualified Sound Therapist.


“Helping Animals and Humans to Heal”

I have a very simple ethos and the intention for healing each client (animal or human) is paramount to every aspect of my work. Animal Communications can bring up deep healing opportunities for both animal and owner and I have often witnessed positive changes for both parties.

In order for me to help others in their healing journey, I also have a responsibility for my own self-healing and I can truly say that Reiki changed my life.  By administering my own consistent self-treatments and striving to live within the Five Reiki Precepts, it continues to change my life. To be able to share this wonderful energy with others is a dream come true and I have been proved so many times that with Reiki, anything is possible! In addition to Reiki, I was also led to explore Sound Therapy. This is a gentle but very effective treatment which uses tuning forks to change the vibrations from imbalanced to balanced.

Animals seem to love both Sound Therapy and Reiki as they respond so quickly to them and they always know what’s good for them!