Animal Communication is a language of feelings and is shared by every pet and their owner. Animals naturally do not care about the outside factors that humans busy themselves with and are usually only interested in enjoying the present moment. However, due to past experiences or current environmental factors, animals can get trapped in painful memories. My role as an Animal Communicator is to connect with your animal and interpret these feelings into words so that positive and effective changes can be made to help their situation. As a qualified Reiki Practitioner and Sound Therapist I also use these energies to assist any healing. Animal Communication is gentle and non-intrusive. It can result in deeply effective changes within a short time frame. Consultations can help with any issue. Common problems include:

Behavioral Issues:

  • Has your cat become withdrawn?
  • Is your horse spooking for no apparent reason?
  • Is your dog barking more than usual?

Physical Problems:

  • Is your animal limping?
  • Have your animal’s energy levels increased or decreased?
  • Is your animal reluctant to eat?

Other Issues:

  • Coping with changes in environment, circumstances, family (new baby) etc.
  • Helping when an animal has passed on
  • Helping to locate lost animals

My work is dedicated to my beloved dog Henry who is always in my heart